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Nrityodaya Kuchipudi Dance Institute

Smt. R.Prasanna Rani is the Director of Nrityodaya Kuchipudi Dance institute., has trained thousands of aspiring young toddlers into professional Kuchipudi dancers.

Next presentation was by R. Prasanna Rani, who has served as a Lecturer in Govt. Music & Dance College, Hyderabad for four decades. She mentioned the twists in her career as a dancer, actor and lecturer. Her marriage forced her to give up performances and made her stay away from the limelight of being a performer. However, the fundamentals that she learnt from Late Bhagavathula Ramakotayya were very strong. She also received training under Vedantham Jagannatha Sharma and learnt Bhama Kalapam and Golla Kalapam along with other traditional items. Later, she was introduced into movies by none other than Akkineni Nageswara Rao in ‘Sudigundalu.’ Post that, she acted in almost 20 movies. After returning from the glamorous cinema world of Madras where she couldn’t further continue, Prasanna Rani polished her talent under the guidance of Surya Prakash Sharma. She completed certificate and diploma exams in Kuchipudi and joined Govt. Music & Dance College as a lecturer. Through her demonstration of Ramakotayya’s adavu style, Siggayane and Madana Daruvus from Bhama Kalapam in Jagannadha Sharma’s style, we could see the crude abhinaya of those days. Dr. P. Rama Devi who was moderating the seminar said that there are so many dancers who have had to give up their passion to maintain a peaceful family life. Leaving the glittery world of cinema for the sake of pursuing one’s passion (classical dance) is really appreciable and that shows Prasanna Rani’s dedication towards the art form. Unfortunately, she had to stop performing and keep her passion alive by teaching.


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