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Maathrusri Sai Institute of Kuchipudi Dance

Welcome to the MaathruSri Sai!

Dance is not a competition, it’s a passion

Mrs Dr Y.Nishitha Ugesh, a well-known artist in Kuchipudi dance, from Andhra Pradesh have been an inspiration to the young generation by promoting the Indian art all over the world. MaathruSri Sai Institute of Kuchipudi dance was found on 31st January 2011 by the artistic Director Mrs.Dr. Y. Nishitha Ugesh in order to promote the art all over the world. Since she was a little girl, dance holds a special place in her heart as it fills the heart with joy. Dancing is a unique art that only requires passion. With endless love and affection towards her mother, she started the institution on her mother’s birthday (31st January) to fulfill her mother’s dream ,naming the institution as “Maathrusri” sai which means “mother”.

The school is structured to discipline, creativity, learning new things everyday and gaining confidence while practicing and perfecting all the elements of Kuchipudi. Classes are taught in Kalakshetra style of Kuchipudi. Smt Dr. Nishitha ugesh is a B-Tech graduate. After finishing her graduation, she completed her Master’s in Arts (MA in Kuchipudi dance), Andhra University and received the doctorate from the International Peace University, Germany. She achieved many international, national and state awards for her recitals which implies stunning movements, impeccable nritta and abhinayam which is a feast to the art lovers.


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